Affordable Housing & S106 Negotiations

Affordable Housing & S106 Negotiations

Working alongside residential developers, landowners and Registered Providers we provide consultancy and agency advice in respect of new housing development with a focus on major applications which trigger affordable housing. Our aim is to ensure an appropriate mix and tenure balance, to ease the planning process and enhance returns. Our success lies in using our expert knowledge of viability, Council’s preferences, the political landscape, housing need and land supply, to test substandard affordable levels through viability appraisal and market analysis to optimise returns.

Primary services include but not limited to the following:

  *   Development Viability

  *   S106 negotiations

  *   renegotiations of existing S106 Agreements

  *   Community Infrastructure Levy Advice

  *   Establishing new Registered Providers

  *   Registered Providers Contract Negotiations

  *   Disposal of S106 units and affordable housing stock

  *   General planning support in respect to affordable housing matters

Please contact our affordable housing specialist Richard Conroy to discuss any aspect of your proposal.