Planning Appeals & Case Making

Planning Appeals

Challenging planning applications via the appeals process can be problematic, but it’s an area in which we boast unrivalled experience.

Progress Planning will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the most appropriate appeal routes, as well as the likely costs and timeframes involved.

We will enable you to make an informed decision by highlighting the potential commercial risks, while putting together a bespoke strategy tailored to the requirements of your case.

We have significant experience in gaining ‘planning at appeal’ for all types of applications, from minor to major and strategic developments. A review of our projects and clients provide an insight to depth of experience we hold.

We are proud of our success rate and our up-to-date knowledge of planning policy and legislation, providing you the best opportunity in overturning the Councils reasons for refusal.

Please do give us a call so we can discuss your recent refusal and our opinion of gaining planning at appeal.