Land & Development

Land & Development

We appreciate that land is one of the most scarce and sacred assets, as a result we are often retained by our clients to ensure they are correctly advised on its ‘true’ yet maximum value. We understand and specialise in private and discreet sales, as not everyone wants to advertise their assets across the open market, for all to see.

We advise on buying and selling land/buildings that have the potential for enhanced value, through planning and or development. Our advice covers:

  • Discrete off market sales
  • Options & Subject to Planning Agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Strategic Acquisitions & Promotions
  • Development funding

Many of our clients do not wish to be burdened with the costs of taking their site through the planning process, it is a costly procedure when you consider the standard services required include: architectural services, highways assessments, ecological & arboricultural reports, planning statements, project management not to mention the Council’s fees.

Given our wide-ranging client base we can sensitively place ‘sites/opportunity’ to developers/investors, which we know will meet their development criteria, saving all involved significant time and money.

Importantly, it is more likely you will acquire a higher value for the site than acquiring planning yourself. Main reason being it is more attractive for developers to purchase land/property, which is off market, as it removes abortive time/costs spent on open market opportunities, which more often than not don’t come to fruition. It also enables developers to design a scheme that is more efficient to build and fitting for their brand, another example as to why they are willing to pay more in these situations.

We cannot stress the importance of experienced qualified niche advice when disposing of what is most likely your most valuable asset.